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Monica Caeiro,
Licensed Real Estate Broker

About Monica Caeiro, Licensed Real Estate Broker

I will help you find your dream home in Florida. An experienced and professional Real Estate Broker Associate, I will put into practice my highly esteemed skills to help you make your dream a reality.

Hello, My name is Monica Caeiro and I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Florida. I have a passion for helping clients like you achieve your objectives, whatever it is buying or selling your home.

I will work with you in a personal way, understanding what is driving you and what your objectives are. I will attend to your real estate need ; so I can better help them achieve their home ownership goal. Whatever it is a personal or an investment property.

I work in all of the South Florida area as a Real Estate Broker with McAeiro Inc.

I will meet with you and get to know you, so I can understand in depth what your needs and priorities are when buying and selling a home. Then, we will draw an action plan to achieve your goals.

I work with investors, and commercial and residential customers.

Commercial Customers:
I get to know my Commercial Customers’ businesses and their growth plans; then I can help them with their long term planning. Whatever it is a year rental, a large warehouse to accommodate their growing business, or office space, I will help you all the way.

Investor Customers:
I am my investor customer’s local point of contact for the entire logistics. I put my over 40 years of experience in business helping them locate, offer, purchase and manage their investment. I am a reference point for them to understand the rules and regulations, as well as opportunities for a vacation home or investment home.

I also offer a full property management service. I work with professionals licensed in the State of Florida as property management. I work with Enrolled Agents and attorneys to have the legal and tax issue resolved.

I work with Licensed Insurance Agents, Title companies, Licensed Inspectors, Mortgage Companies, Tax Accountants, and Attorneys. Working with me, you will feel I have your back in all steps of the property buying process.

Residential Customers:
Whatever you are relocating from out-of-state, or moving from inside of my region of expertise, I work close with you to understand your needs and help you find the perfect location from the moment you call me for the first time until the moment you get your keys.

I am more than a Real Estate Broker. I have over 40 years of professional experience working in high level position in public and private organizations. I understand people and what drives us and I always put the person, the individual first.
Whatever you want to buy or sell your home, I want to talk to you. Call me today at 561-350-3195.

Best Regards,
Monica Caeiro
Licensed Real Estate Broker

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